Monday, March 9, 2015

$1.1 Million Brain Prize Awarded for Technique to Visualize Live Brain Cells

The world's most valuable prize for neuroscience research was awarded today (March 9) to four German and American scientists who invented a microscopy technique that reveals the finest structures of the brain, in both health and disease.
American scientists Karel Svoboda and David Tank and German scientists Winfried Denk and Arthur Konnerth shared the $1.08-million (1 million euro) Brain Prize for the invention and development of two-photon microscopy, a technique to create detailed images of brain cells and the connections, or synapses, between them, in action.
This new technique gives scientists the ability to study the function of individual brain cells, and how these cells communicate with each other as part of brain networks. [Beauty and Brains: Award-Winning Medical Images]