Sunday, April 19, 2015

Five changes that will shape digital technology in 2015

2015 is fast approaching, bringing with it a raft of new developments in technology. From 32+ million pixel screens to the rise of interactive video, here are my predictions for what the coming year has in store for digital design.

The impact of screen resolution.

Mobile devices.


Interactive video.

Targeted advertising.

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Gartner identifies top strategic 2015 tech trends

Gartner has released its predictions for the top 10 technology trends that will be strategic for most organisations in 2015.
Gartner defines a strategic technology trend as one with the potential for significant impact on the organisation in the next three years.
Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to the business, end users or IT, the need for a major investment, or the risk of being late to adopt.
“We have identified the top 10 technology trends that organizations cannot afford to ignore in their strategic planning processes,” said David Cearley, Vice President and Fellow, Gartner. “This does not necessarily mean adoption and investment in all of the trends at the same rate, but companies should look to make deliberate decisions about them during the next two years.”
Cearley said the top trends for 2015 cover three themes: the merging of the real and virtual worlds, the advent of intelligence everywhere, and the technology impact of the digital business shift.
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Screwing Up Artificial Intelligence Could Be Disastrous, Experts Say

From smartphone apps like Siri to features like facial recognition of photos, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of everyday life. But humanity should take more care in developing AI than with other technologies, experts say.
Science and tech heavyweights Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have warned that intelligent machines could be one of humanity's biggest existential threats. But throughout history, human inventions, such as fire, have also posed dangers. Why should people treat AI any differently? 
"With fire, it was OK that we screwed up a bunch of times," Max Tegmark, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said April 10 on the radio show Science Friday. But in developing artificial intelligence, as with nuclear weapons, "we really want to get it right the first time, because it might be the only chance we have," he said. [5 Reasons to Fear Robots]

1 Million Orders and Counting: Why So Many Covet the Apple Watch

More than 1 million Apple Watches were pre-ordered last week, on the first day the device went on sale, according to a firm that tracks consumer spending.
Based on receipt data, an estimated 957,000 people in the United States ordered an average of 1.3 watches each on Friday (April 10), spending about $503.83 per device, Slice Intelligence reported.

Angry Chimp Attack! 5 Bizarre Drone Crashes

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in everyday life, but the technology still has some kinks to work out.
In the latest example, a dronecrashed and burned while carrying a shipment of asparagus to a restaurant in the Netherlands, according to news reports. The doomed delivery was part of a stunt the restaurant pulls every year to get the freshest vegetables. But something went wrong, and the tiny aircraft fell to the ground and burst into flames, charring its precious cargo, according to BBC News.